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Health literacy online training resources

A selection of interactive courses, webinars, and training videos on health literacy. Some require you to set up an account. Most are available at no charge. Those that do have a fee are indicated (to the best of our knowledge).

  • Advancing Pharmacy Health Literacy Practices through Quality Improvement: Curricular Modules for Faculty (2011)
    A set of modules to help pharmacy faculty integrate health literacy and health literacy quality improvement into courses, experiential education, and projects for PharmD students and pharmacy residents. The curricular modules can be used for lectures, seminars, laboratory classes, and experiential education.
  • Culture and Health Literacy Modules (2004-2008)
    This online course discusses how inequalities in health information contribute to health disparities, and what communities can do to close the gap and improve health literacy.
  • Great Rivers Partners for Health-E People: Health Literacy Awareness in the Greater Midwest Region (2008)
    Wisconsin Health Information Outreach Summit.
  • Health Literacy
    Effective Communication Tools for Healthcare Professionals (formerly Unified Health Communication) is free, on-line, training that has helped more than 4,000 health care professionals and students improve patient-provider communication.
  • Ohio State University AHEC Health Literacy Distance Education Modules
    The Ohio State University AHEC Health Literacy Program offers comprehensive professional development and continuing education in the field of health literacy. ($20 one-time registration fee, $15 per module.)
  • Prescription for Information: Addressing Health Information Literacy
    Offered by the Medical Library Association, this course teaches health professionals to: define health literacy and the challenges patients face; recognize the impact low health literacy has on patient care; list strategies to improve health information literacy; and describe health literacy services provided by medical libraries.
  • Strategies to Improve Communication Between Pharmacy Staff and Patients (2007)
    This training program is designed to introduce pharmacists to the problem of low health literacy in patient populations and to identify the implications of this problem for the delivery of health care services. The program also explains techniques that pharmacy staff members can use to improve communication with patients who may have limited health literacy skills.
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