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Health Literacy Kentucky
... A healthier commonwealth through improved health literacy.
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  • This is Bad Enough (2 min.)
    Elspeth Murray recites a poem that was included at the International Initiative in Mental Health Leadership Conference in Edinburgh in 2006. A poignant statement on health literacy from a patient's point of view.
Health Literacy In Action: Interventions


  • Health Literacy Out Loud (HLOL) podcasts

    Dozens of interviews by Helen Osborne with key players in health literacy. You will hear why health literacy matters and learn practical ways to help. Selected topics including:

    • HLOL #31: A Participatory Approach for Communicating with Diverse Audiences
    • HLOL #30: Making a Business Case to Move Health Literacy Forward
    • HLOL #28: Applying Adult Education Principles to Medicine & Public Health
    • HLOL #19: Communicating Clearly on the Web
    • HLOL #17: Dr. Arthur Culbert Talks About Statewide Health Literacy Initiatives
    • HLOL #15: Dr. Rima Rudd Talks About the Health Literacy Burden in Healthcare
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