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Health Literacy Kentucky
... A healthier commonwealth through improved health literacy.
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Health Literacy: Accurate, Accessible and Actionable Health Information for All
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new health literacy Web page provides information and tools to improve health literacy and public health. These resources are for all organizations that interact and communicate with people about health, including public health departments, healthcare providers and facilities, health plans, government agencies, non-profit/community and advocacy organizations, childcare and schools, the media, and health-related industries.
Health Literacy Activities by State
The links on this page include state and local collaborations and academic, government and non-profit organizations with a health literacy focus.
Health Literacy Consulting
Health Health Literacy Consulting helps organizations communicate health information in ways that patients, families, and employees can understand.
Health Literacy Studies
This site is designed for professionals in health and education who are interested in health literacy.
Medline/PubMed search strategy
The National Library of Medicine keep an up-to-date search profile ready for you to simply point and click to find health literacy references in Medline/Pubmed. This site also contains extensive, updated links to health literacy resources around the Web. You can subscribe to the site's RSS feed allowing you to receive weekly email updates of new references. (Ask your local medical librarian if you need assistance.)
The Quick Guide to Health Literacy
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put together these useful links to web resources for government employees, grantees and contractors, and community partners working in healthcare and public health fields.

Bridging the Health Literacy Gap: Health Literacy for Better Public Health
Bringing Health Information to the Community (BHIC)
Discussion Lists

Health Literacy Discussion Lists
An active discussion list devoted to health literacy. Key people in the health literacy world are frequent posters.
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